VMware data to Elasticsearch

RVTools.exe -u rvuser -p _RVToolsPWDVfhfRyZINLPDMSnKYkt92c= -s vcenter1 -c ExportvInfo2csv -d D:\\rvreports -f vinfo.csv
} else if [program] == "VM_CLUS" {
csv {
separator => ","
columns => ["DC","Cluster","Num_ESX","Num_CPUs","Num_Cores","Cpu_usg_pct","avg_cpu_usage_pct","max_cpu_usage_pct","esx_mem_avail_Gb","Mem_usg_pct","avg_mem_usage_pct","max_mem_usage_pct","Num_VMs","VMs_per_core","vCPUs_per_core","Num_VCPUs","mem_vm_alloc_gb","prov_disk_gb","util_disk_gb"]
mutate {
convert => {
"Num_ESX" => "integer"
"Num_CPUs" => "integer"
"Num_Cores" => "integer"
"Cpu_usg_pct" => "float"
  • VMware inventory segregated by DC, ESX, cluster and OS details
  • #VMs and #ESXs details as trends and data tables
  • datastore entitled, provisioned and used details and trends
  • We used scripted fields to calculate a data table to project the number of VMs that can be created with the remaining memory and cores. We assumed an average of 8gb per VM to calculate this.

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